Simple Simon’s Solutions has been in existence in some form for nearly 50 years.
Originally, Cyberay was a joint venture between my father and myself founded in 1976.
While short-lived, it laid the foundation for service-oriented, problem solving methods.

As my career took it’s twists and turns, when I was working as an independent contractor, “Simple Simon’s Software” (We Make Software Simple) was born.

As I branched out into doing non-software things, early in this century,
Simple Simon’s Solutions was born.

I have retired from being a “corporate slave”, but my lifelong passion for using technology to solve people’s problems just won’t go away.

The freedom of not being tied to other people’s whips allows me to build what needs to be built for people that simply can’t afford to hire someone to help them succeed.

This is manifesting itself in making WooCommerce do what needs to be done for B2B (business to business) enterprises. My plugins are affordable, ranging in price from FREE to $49 a year (as of this writing).