Old Welcome!

I am not going to spend any time here making a fancy looking website.

Maybe at some point, a friend looking to get started in graphics design will do something with this, but my time is much better spent analyzing problems and needs, researching solutions, then designing and coding them to be simple and maintainable.

Yes, I actually ANALYZE, RESEARCH, and DESIGN. Modern day so-called “developers” are almost always clueless about what it takes to actually git-r-dun. They have no concept of what lies beneath whatever 5th or 9th or whatever generation language they use.

I was actually heavily involved with the testing and rollout of one of the first 4GLs, Software AG’s Natural 2 in the late ’80s. It was possibly the first RAD (Rapid Application Development) environment, and I knew right then and there that software quality was going to decline at least as rapidly as the applications were developed.

My fear has been borne out in that it now takes gigabytes of memory on 4GHz CPUs to do the very same things that were done in kilobytes and 40MHz back then. Sad it is.

But I digress. What I have for you are some plugins, snippets, tips, and tricks to help small businesses with their B2B operations. These are things that are not part of the WooCommerce “intended audience”, but the Woo system is very, very good overall (an exception to the RAD hell) and has a large community.

I am just starting to “package” the things I’m doing, so you aren’t going to find anything here just yet, but close to release are two plugins to help with the “pay later” (invoice / terms) B2B business model, and one for live Price Quotes. None of the quote plugins out there have this functionality – they have a different purpose entirely, but it is very important in the B2B world.

I hope my work helps the small business owner save themselves some time and effort. I know from experience that there is never enough time in the day.